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“…a registered business entity may assume a name other than its registered name for use in conducting business in Zimbabwe. Before using an assumed name, a registered business entity shall file with the Registrar a notice that it will be conducting business under the name, …” Companies and Other Business Entities Act (Chapter 24:32).

We offer a professional service for clients who wish to register a trade name, including the filing of the Companies Registry forms and all other paperwork necessary to keep your company records up-to-date and compliant.

Putting in place the relevant company secretarial documents with regards to trade name registration is often overlooked and leaves companies at risk of being non-compliant. Using this service will ensure your company records are in order.

How it works

  • Order by calling or Whatsapp (0242) 753 168 or 0786 507 151 or email
  • Provide your company name and company number
  • Provide the proposed trade names in order of preference
  • We will conduct a file search and prepare all the neccessary documents and file with the Companies Registry.

Full Company Secretary Service

An annual return filing service is included FREE with our Full Company Secretary Service.

US$220.00 per year

Frequently asked questions

What is a trade name name?

A trade name(s) also known as business name, trading name or assumed name (in Zimbabwe) is the name used by a company or private business corporation for carrying out business which is not the same as their Companies Registry official registered name; for example, a company called Companies Made Easy (Private) Limited can trade as CME Sercices. It is the name by which customers and stakeholders identify and recognize the business.

    Why should I register a trade name?

    Firstly, if you intend to use a trade name, the Zimbabwean law requires you to register it before you start using it. Also, it will protect your name from other companies that may want to use it; basically, noone can use the name when you have registered it.

      How much does it cost to register a trade name with Companies Made Easy?

      A trade name costs US$120.00.

        What’s included in our price?

         Our trade name registration includes:

        • The Companies Office fee
        • Name search – to ascertain whether a name is available for registration
        • Completion and filing of the registration of the assumed form, which is used to notify Companies Office of registering a trade name
        • Minutes – The directors should pass minutes to register a trade and file the Minutes in their company records
        • Resolution – Existing shareholders must agree to use a trade by signing a special resolution
        • Certificate of assumed name

        How many trade names can a company have?

        A company can have only 1 trade name.

          What are the rules that apply to choosing a trade name?

          The same rules that apply to choosing a company name apply to trade names. Trade names should not be:

          1. Identical to that under which another company or private business corporation is already registered under the Companies and Other Business Entities Act
          2. Such name as to be likely to deceive
          3. Likely to mislead the public
          4. Blasphemous or indecent or likely to cause offence to any person or class of persons
          5. suggests patronage of the Government or some other authority or organisation unless the consent thereof has been obtained
          6. Undesirable for any other reason.

            What documents do I receive when I register a trade name in Zimbabwe?

            You will receive a certificate of assumed name. This shows:

            1. Company name
            2. Company number
            3. Trade name

              When will my documents be ready?

              Trade name registration in Zimbabwe usually take 3 – 5 working days.

                What information do I need to provide to register a trade name?

                • Company name
                • Company number
                • Proposed trade names

                  Register your trade name

                  « I didn’t know that trade names are now being registered in Zimbabwe and when I engaged Companies Made Easy, they advised me well. They encouraged me to secure my trade name and in 3 working days my trade name was registered. Great service. »

                  Sharon Musungo

                  Director, Big Ventures Company (Private) Limited t/a Three Acres

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