Nominee Services


What is a nominee service?

A nominee service allows individuals or corporate bodies to protect their identity or meeting the company registration requiremnets in Zimbabwe by nominating another person or corporate body to act as a non-executive company director or secretary. Nominees will act in name only and their details will be registered with Companies Registry Office and displayed on the public record. All responsibility for fulfilling company duties remain with the executive officers, and nominees will act only on their instructions. This type of service is particularly popular with foreign companies who do not have a company director who is ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe or companies who want a professional company secretary to mantain their company documents such as Companies Made Easy Secretarial Services (Private) Limited.

We will not involve ourselves in the management of your company

Our capacity as Nominee Director or Nominee Secretary is in name only – your functions and rights are fully protected. If you are a director or secretary, you will maintain full responsibility for carrying out the operational duties of the role you have been appointed to. Companies Made Easy nominees are able to sign annual returns and company documents on your behalf following your instructions.

Note regarding banking

We will not involve ourselves or assist clients in opening bank accounts. Nor will we be prepared to present our ID or sign mandates. It is our recommendation that you speak to your bank prior to buying a nominee service.

The 5 steps

  • Determine the required nominee service(s).
  • Purchase the nominee service(s) in our non-resident packages if you are a non-Zimbabwean Resident or by calling, texting or emailing us.
  • You will receive an email containing an invoice, a copy of our terms and conditions, our appointment agreement with you, and a Deed of Indemnity regulating our appointment as nominee.
  • Complete the agreement and have it certified by your solicitor or accountant. Return it to us, either electronically or by post, along with the required money. ***Included in the appointment agreement is a power of attorney in our favour, allowing us to act on your behalf as per your instructions. A form of variation is also included, which allows you to amend these instructions.
  • You can now start running your business with the nominees in place, or continue to run your business as before with the addition of any nominees.

Nominee Director Service

Protect your identity by appointing a Nominee Director. *

Nominee Secretary

Our officers will hold the non-executive position of company secretary and the name of the nominee will be displayed on public record in place of the true company secretary. **

Our nominee services are renewable on a 12 monthly basis at the prices quoted above.

Two ways of buying our nominee service…

Add the required service to your company registration package

If you are a non-Zimbabwean Resident and you are registering a new Private Limited Company, our nominee services are available on our non-resident package during the application process.

After your company has been registered

To buy one of our nominee services for an existing company, you can order by calling, WhatsApp, texting or emailing us on 0242 753 168, 0786 507, 151

Documents we can sign

  • Documents for Companies House
  • Accounts and Annual Returns prepared by a director or accountant
  • Company employment contracts
  • Company policies
  • Contracts between the company and clients
  • Contracts between the company and suppliers ****

Documents we cannot sign

  • VAT applications
  • Bank mandates *****
  • Corporation Tax forms
  • Agent forms requiring authorisation
  • Purchase of goods contracts
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Merchant account mandates
  • Any other document or contract that places personal liability on the nominee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a nominess service?

Our Nominee Service is suitable for any person or corporate body acting as a company director, secretary or shareholder that wishes to maintain anonymity by keeping their details off the public record. The desire for privacy may be for personal reasons or commercial reasons. Either way, you will maintain full rights and responsibilities in your role as company director, secretary or shareholder and you will still be responsible for carrying out all executive functions of your appointment.

    Can I use Companies Made Easy Nominee Services for a non-Zimbabwean registered company?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide our Nominee Services to any company based outside of Zimbabwe.

      What is the purpose of the Deed of Indemnity?

      This is a private document between Companies Made Easy and your company confirming that we are not responsible for any executive functions or the day-to-day management of your company. It stipulates our capacity as nominee is in name only and that we will act on your instructions alone for the purpose of protecting the identity of the true director, secretary or shareholder. Prior to signing this document, you should have it certified by your own solicitor/lawyer or accountant.

        What type of company is the nominee service for?

        Our nominee service is for Private Limited Companies (PLC’s) only.

          * N.B. We are unable to assume the position of Nominee Director if your company requires its directors to be subject to any regulatory body in Zimbabwe or overseas.

          ** A Nominee Secretary will not usually have an active role or executive function in the operational activities of a company, but the appointment of a secretary can add value to your company registration.

          **** As per your instructions, we will sign contracts with your clients and suppliers where the signature of a director is required.

          ***** As we are unable to present ourselves for any required ID checks, we cannot sign bank mandates in our nominee capacity.

          Order our nominee service

          « I was very impressed by how quick my annual returns were filed. We needed to change our company directors and we couldn’t do it because we had outstanding annual returns. We got help from Companies Made Easy and in 4 days everything was in order and the directors changed. »

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