9 Reasons to use company registration agents in Zimbabwe

Starting a business in Zimbabwe or anywhere in the world can be so overwhelming. From preparing a business plan or a marketing plan to trying to be compliant with a legal requirements – it takes so much of your time and energy. But what if there was a way that we could help you and will take away some of the pressure from you.

Professional company registration agents like Companies Made Easy, take away the weight of your shoulders through expert support, helping you start, run and grow your business.

This article will explain 9 reasons why you should use company registration agents in Zimbabwe.

1. Its the only way to register a company in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean Companies Registry does not accept company registration applicants from individuals so one has to through a registered company registration agent.

2. Reduces risk of errors

Company registration agents help reduce errors. There are so many things involved in registering a company that you may overlook. A company registration agent will take you through each step — doing a name search, preparing a CR 5, preaparing a CR 6, preparing the articles and memorandum of association to filing the company documents — to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Even after you have successfully registered your company, Companies Made Easy can help you with your tax obligations and statutory requirements such as filing annual returns. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, this is one of the larger benefits of using an agent.

3. Company registration packages offer access to additional services

Depending on what level of support you want, Companies Made Easy offers four different packages, which provide discounted products vital for business owners.

  • The Starter Package costs US$130.00. This package includes all company documents, that is, Certificate of Incorporation, CR 5, CR 6 and Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • The Basic Package costs
  • The Executive Package costs

4. Access to important documents

5. Helpful customer support

Though the system itself is extremely intuitive, Companies Made Easy has a top-class customer support team that helps with both overseeing the business registration service and dealing with customer complaints.

If you have questions you can find our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page, which has likely already answered them. If you have more substantial questions about the company registration process, you can take advantage of our WhatsApp platform or emailing the team at info@companiesmadeeasy.co.zw, or speaking with the customer success team on the phone at 0778 702 715. They are available during regular business hours.

6. Gives peace of mind

Companies Made Easy has hundreds of five start customer reviews on Facebook and Google. This highlights our excellent company registration service. We have spent years improving our company registration procedure and no part of registering a company with us is complicated, and if you do run into a hitch, the customer service team will resolve it right away. More than anything, this provides peace of mind that many entrepreneurs could only dream of during the first few years of business formation.

Starting a company can be stressful at times, so you don’t want to have to worry about the little things. To know the registration side of your company is in good hands will give you the freedom to focus on the big picture. Now that your company is up and running, where are you going to take it next?

7. Saves time

The other key reason to use company registration agents in Zimbabwe like Companies Made Easy is that it frees up your schedule more than you would anticipate. All of the little tasks involved in registering your company quickly add up to steal a huge part of precious time.

8. Access to a larger community

Company registration agents in Zimbabwe operate as a community through partnerships. This helps them in executing their operations more effectively that will ultimately benefit the client because they drawing from a larger pool of resource base.

As Companies Made Easy, some of the companies that we we have worked with include:

  1. Companies.co.zw
  2. Register Your Company
  3. Companies Made Simple
  4. Numeri Incorporated
  5. Company Formations
  6. Zimbabwe Companies Registry

Company registration agents in Zimbabwe are not created equal

There are many company registration agents in Zimbabwe but they are not all equal. There has been a rise in people being duped their hard earned money by bogus company registration agents. To help you qualify an agent you should work with an agent who is

  1. Registered as a company with the Companies Registry
  2. Registered with the Deeds Companies and intellectual Property (DCIP)
  3. Registered with the Zimbabwe Association for Company Registration Agents (ZACRA)
  4. Has an office
  5. Has a landline
  6. Has at least a functioning website

This will limit the possibilities of being duped.

Are you ready to register your company? Please go through our Private Limited Company or Private Business Corporation Packages.