Requirenents needed to register a company

You will require the following details at hand

1. Proposed company names

You should provide unique proposed company names. Avoid using intials or digits. The use of qualifiers such as investments, incorporated, enterprises, group or industry specific qualifiers such as mining, transport, fashion as part of your company name to differentiate it from other names is highly encouraged.

2. Physical, postal and email addresses

These are the official company addresses. The physical address should be strictly a Zimbabwean address and cannot be a PO Box Number.

If you don’t have a company address as yet, you can use your home address.

The Companies Registry and ZIMRA will use this address to deliver all statutory company mail and it will be shown on CR 5 (list of company addresses).

3. Directors details

  • Full name
  • National identity number
  • Nationality
  • Addresses

A director must be at least 16 years old, not disqualified or bankrupt. Atleast one director should ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe.

4. Shareholders details (when the shareholder is a person)

  • Full name
  • Addresses

4. Shareholders details (when the shareholder is a is an organisation)

  • Organisation’s name
  • Organisation’s address

Beneficial owners details

  • Full name
  • Addresses

5. Core business objectives

You are required to provide the business activities that your company will be conducting.

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