Register your company in 4 easy steps

Our easy company registration process

Step 1: Choose a company structure

The first step to registering a company with Companies Made Easy is to choose a company structure between a Private Limited Company and a Private Business Corpooration. The most common type of company is the Private Limited Company.

Step 2: Select package

We offer 4 Private Limited Company Packages and 4 Private Business Corporation Packages for customers who want to register a company.

We also provide packages for shelf companies (for those who don’t want to go through 5-7 working days company registration process) and Non-Zimbabwean Residents Packages (for those who don’t have a local address or a diector who is ordinarily a resident of Zimbabwe).

Step 3: Enter your company details

This stage requires 5 minutes of your time to complete the company registration application form. The form can be submitted online or you can visit our offices. If you are unsure of something, call or WhatsApp our friendly Zimbabwean based team.

For guidance on what information you should have to hand, please read our Company Formation Checklist.

Prefer to order by telephone?

If you are not confident registering your company online - call or WhatsApp our friendly team and we will complete your order by telephone.

What happens next…

Once you have completed the 4 steps, we will review your application and ask you to make a payment. We will then conduct a name search to determine which company name is available for registration. We will then prepare the company documents and lodge with the Companies Registry for incorporation.

The Companies Registry usually take around 7 to 9 working days to incorporate your company, however, this is subject to the Companies Registry workload, and sometimes it can take longer.

Once your company has been incorporated, we will send your company documents.

If you have opted for a tax clearance, we request for the requirements for a tax clearance.

If you have any questions, please call (0242) 709 883 or 0778 702 715.

What our customers say

« Your service was great. I did not face any difficulty when I registered my company with Companies Made Easy. I will definitely refere people. »

Tafadzwa Watunga

Founder, Wireline Investments (Private) Limited

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