Company De-registration Service

Save time and money by de-registering your company

What is company de-registration?

To de-register a company is to apply to Companies Office to strike it off the register of companies. After de-registration, the company no longer legally exists.

Why de-register my company?

  • Save money and time on filing of annual returns and declaration of annual general meetings
  • Avoid the risk of fines and prosecutions for late filings
  • Avoid having an involuntary dissolution on your public record as a director, protecting your reputation as a director
  • All the work is done by us, all you need to do is sign the application to de-register
  • We will use our best endeavours to iron out all problems and obstacles

How it works

  • Order by calling or Whatsapp (0242) 709 883 or 0778 702 715
  • Provide your company name and company number
  • We will conduct a file search and prepare all the neccessary documents and file with the Companies Office.
  • You will receive your Board Resolution to be signed within 3 – 5 working hours – simply sign and store it for safekeeping
  • You will receive the Companies Office documents to sign
  • We will file the documents at Companies Office
  • You will receive a CR XXX as proof of company de-registration

Full Company Secretary Service

An annual return filing service is included FREE with our Full Company Secretary Service.

US$150.00 per year

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in our price?

  • The Companies Office fee
  • Completion and filing of the company de-registration forms (the application to strike off a company)
  • Board Resolution to approve the de-registration

Is there anything else to pay?

No. The cost of this service includes the Companies Office filing fee.

    How long does it take to de-register a company?

    It usually takes Companies Office 7-9 working days to de-register a company.

      How much does it cost to change my company name in Zimbabwe?

      Changing your company in Zimbabwe costs US$220.00.

        Do I need to close my corporate bank account?

        Yes, you should close your company’s bank account before you apply. 

          Can I use this service if I didn’t register a company with Companies Made Easy?

          Yes. This service is available to anyone whether you registered a company with Companies Made Easy or not.

            What information do I need to provide to start company name change?

            • Company number
            • Company name

              Change your company name

              « I was very impressed by how quick my annual returns were filed. We needed to change our company directors and we couldn’t do it because we had outstanding annual returns. We got help from Companies Made Easy and in 4 days everything was in order and the directors changed. »

              Sharon Musungo

              Director, Shebau Ventures (Private) Limited

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